International Business Law

As Miami's importance as a global gateway increases, the firm continues to expand its capability to render top-notch legal services to clients throughout the world through memberships in respected international professional organizations.

Harry Payton is the Business Litigation member in the Miami chapter of the International Network of Boutique and Independent Law Firms (INBLF), an association of highly credentialed boutique law firms throughout the U.S. and Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Central and South America. Payton is also proud to be an exclusive member of IR Global, a group of over 750 vetted professionals. IR Global operates across four main sectors: Legal, Accountancy, Financial and Transaction Services. In addition, he belongs to the American Bar Association Section of International Law, Art & Cultural Heritage Law Committee.

International Network of Boutique Law Firms (INBLF)

U.S. and International Partners with Impeccable Credentials

Important legal matters demand representation by attorneys with impeccable credentials, specialized knowledge, a wealth of experience and, often, a national or international support team. Payton & Associates, LLC is a member of the International Network of Boutique and Independent Law Firms (INBLF), a group of highly credentialed boutique law firms in major commercial centers throughout the U.S. and Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Central and South America. Each member firm and participating attorney are carefully vetted and represent the highest levels of service, ability and reputation. Harry Payton and his firm were selected as the INBLF Business Litigation member/firm for the Miami, Florida, area; and Harry is president of the INBLF Miami chapter.

Each member carries credentials comparable or superior to what can be found at the highest-ranking full-service firms, without the insulating layers of intermediate attorneys between the client and the lawyer. A client of an INBLF firm can enjoy the advantages of a global presence in all areas of the law without sacrificing the personal attention that a boutique practice offers.

IR Global

Global Reach from the World's Largest Vetted Network of Leading Firms

Payton & Associates, LLC, is proud to be an exclusive member of IR Global, an association of over 750 professionals in the areas of law, accounting and finance. The group has representatives in over 150 jurisdictions and offers the world's largest vetted network of leading firms.  The vetting process ensures all firms are of the highest quality and also have a shared ethos of ethical networking and client service. This subsequently offers a group that is not just renowned for the quality of the firms but also the individuals within.

Our membership in the network enables clients of the firm to be supported with legal services wherever they may engage in business. IR Global provides Payton & Associates, LLC with international reach and representation, as well as immediate access to foreign legal expertise and the ability to conduct cross-border legal projects in collaboration with other member firms. In addition, the group works closely with the accounting and finance industries, providing an extended network of contacts throughout the whole advisory community.

Harry Payton is on the steering committee of the IR Global "Private Client" group, and plays an influential role in its development. He hosted a session at the annual conference in London in September 2013-2015, and in Amsterdam in 2016.

"On behalf of IR Global, I am delighted to recommend Harry and the team at Payton & Associates, LLC. We share the same ideals in offering the highest quality advice and they stand out as a very knowledgeable and innovative firm in a competitive marketplace. We consider the firm a key strategic partner and can highly endorse their services to any business with legal requirements in US - Florida." - Ross Nicholls, Business Development Director of IR Global


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