South Florida Lender Liability Claims Attorney

Payton & Associates, LLC handles many cases for builders and developers involving lender liability and commercial foreclosures. When a lender cuts off funding before a borrower defaults, it can be part of a strategic plan to force the borrower to relinquish the property. Typical is the plight of a client building an office complex. The lender failed to pay the last construction draw without any explanation, though the building was over 98% complete and the draw had been approved. "The lender ceased funding and never explained why. Four months later, the lender foreclosed claiming that the builder was in default," Payton said. "In cases like these, the lender deserves to be sued and made to pay for the damages it causes the developer."

The attorneys at Payton & Associates, LLC handle wrongful commercial foreclosure cases involving office buildings, condominiums and shopping centers. Our commercial litigation attorneys have a sophisticated understanding of the financial marketplace, years of experience in lender liability litigation, and the resources to succeed.Contact our Soouth Florida law firm online, or call us at 786.574.4943 to schedule a consultation with our Miami lender liability attorneys. We focus on providing strong and professional representation to clients throughout South Florida.


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