Defending Licensed Professionals in Malpractice Claims

At Payton & Associates, LLC, we provide representation to attorneys, architects, accountants and other professionals. Payton & Associates, LLC handles many types of malpractice claims and represents one of the nation's largest law firms in cases involving legal malpractice defense. We represent plaintiffs and defendants in claims involving legal malpractice, accounting malpractice, surveyor malpractice, and architect/engineer malpractice. With our experience on both sides of professional liability claims, we bring a unique perspective to each case.

Attorney Harry Payton has more than 40 years of experience. He began his career working for a large Miami firm, and later headed the trial division of the Miami office of a statewide firm. Harry was appointed to the Supreme Court of Florida Committee on Professionalism for the Eleventh Judicial Circuit, and chairs the mentoring program subcommittee. He is one of 88 lawyers in the state of Florida with dual board certification in civil trial and business litigation.

Our results-oriented attorneys have high standards of professionalism and are committed to serving our clients. Call 786-574-4943 to arrange a consultation to discuss your specific situation.