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Reality TV show subject of breach of contract lawsuit

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2012 | Contract Disputes |

A recently filed lawsuit demonstrates that contract disputes can occur in any business relationship, no matter how large or small the players may be. The suit was brought by the creator of a popular web series that focuses on the daily lives of Florida women who hunt wild hogs. The woman who came up with the concept is suing A& E Television networks, as well as the stars of the series and a production company associated with the project, for breach of contract and a range of other claims.

Within her suit, the show’s creator alleges that she came up with the concept for the series in 2009. She created her own production company and hired three women to star in the show, called ‘Hogs, Dogs and Lace’. She hired a film crew and two other women to participate in the hunts, and filmed footage that was aired online and through DirecTV.

A&E allegedly showed interest in the series and began negotiations with the show’s creator to produce a similar series for the network called ‘Hog Wild’. However, the lawsuit alleges that, at some point, the network moved forward with production without the original creator, instead offering to buy her out of her interest in the production. A&E filmed at least eight episodes of the show with a new production company.

As a result, the creator is suing for fraud and breach of contract, in addition to a number of additional legal claims. There is no word as to what actions or damages the suit is asking for in relation to these claims. More details will likely be made public should the case make its way to court. Although many Florida contract disputes are not as colorful as this one promises to be, the case is an excellent example of the legal recourse available to those who feel that their interests have been harmed due to breach of contract.

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