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‘Bachelor’ interference with contractual relations suit

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2013 | Business Torts |

Many Florida readers will be familiar with the long-running hit reality television series ‘The Bachelor.’ The show gives viewers an inside look as multiple women compete for the affections of one eligible bachelor. The end of the show often features a proposal. Fans who cannot wait until an episode airs to know the outcome can turn to a number of websites that provide ‘spoilers’ that reveal details on the show. The man behind one of those sites has now been sued for interference with contractual relations.

The lawsuit was filed by NZK Productions and Horizon Alternative Television, the producers behind the show. They claim that the man behind one reality television spoiler website has attempted to persuade contestants from the show into violating their confidentiality pledges. This is not the first lawsuit between the parties; a similar suit was settled in June 2012 when the man agreed to stop contacting show participants and crew. Part of the settlement includes a $10,000 penalty fee for every future violation.

This most recent lawsuit comes on the heels of information posted on the man’s website revealing details of the first few episodes of the series. He also posted the full names of the women who were eliminated from the show during the first episode. The premiere is scheduled to air on Jan. 7, 2013. The show’s producers claim that the man continues to seek out cast, crew and participants from the show in order to gain confidential information.

The individual who is in control of the spoiler website now faces a lawsuit claiming interference with contractual relations, as well as violation of the terms of the pre-existing settlement. He has issued a statement claiming that the production company is attempting to run him out of business with excessive legal fees. He plans to research options for legal recourse, including but not limited to a counterclaim against the producers. Florida fans of the show will just have to stay tuned to see how the courts will decide in the matter.

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