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Business litigation suit over missing health care data

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2013 | Business Litigation |

When a Florida business contracts with another business for goods or services, the transaction is often covered by a written contract between the parties. By using such an instrument, the expectations of all parties is fully outlined in writing, and miscommunication can be minimized. However, there are instances in which the relationship between the parties is compromised, or the agreed-upon transaction does not go as expected. In those cases, business litigation is often the result.

A recent lawsuit between a large-scale pharmacy benefits company, Express Scripts Holding Co. and well-known accounting operation Ernst & Young LLP has made headlines across the nation. The suit revolves around claims made by Express Scripts that the accounting firm stole documents and data that were ‘highly proprietary.’ The documents allegedly also contain sensitive pricing and cost information that is used to keep Express Scripts competitive within their market.

Ernst & Young has released a statement confirming that a violation in their company’s policies had occurred. However, they also assert that they immediately took all appropriate actions to correct the problem and ensure that the data was secure. The firm also states that the individual who was responsible for the missing documents and data is no longer working at the firm.

As this case moves forward, additional details may come to light regarding the accounting firm’s efforts and practices that ensure client confidentiality. The outcome may also speak to the legal responsibility that a company has when handling sensitive information belonging to another party. For Florida business owners, this case represents just one example of the many and varied types of business litigation that can take place, as well as the need to have a system in place to handle such legal challenges.

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