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Florida residents sue company for breach of contract

On Behalf of | May 20, 2013 | Business Litigation |

A contracting company with over a 50-year history building custom homes has come under fire from a couple who say work on their home was never completed. The Florida-based company is being sued for breach of contract over a window installation the couple alleges the company did not complete, even after apparently accepting a $100,000 deposit. June 26 has been established as an initial hearing date for this case.

According to the allegations put forward by the couple’s attorney, the contracting company accepted the deposit, 60 percent of which was intended to pay for the new windows purchased from a third party. According to the couple’s lawsuit, however, the order was never placed. The company has moved to have the case dismissed.

The company’s attorney issued a statement via email indicating that it was the couple who had breached the contract. Despite this, the company was willing to complete the intended work as it was laid out by the original contract. Failing this, the company would return the $100,000 deposit, less damages. The company has operated in Palm Beach, Florida for over 10 years and, according to its attorney, has maintained a reputation for outstanding service during that time.

A breach of contract charge can be challenging for a company to overcome, even if they are falsely accused. The legal language used to write contracts in Florida can be quite complicated, but justice demands that scrutiny be brought to every disputed contractual obligation to ensure a company is not charged unduly. Business owners who find themselves on the receiving end of a breach of contract charge may benefit from arranging a close reading of the legal documentation related to their work.

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