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Florida businessman files breach of contract suit

A financier who claims a city commission reneged on a written agreement has begun the process of filing suit. Florida financier Taylor Purdell has stated his intent to take Winter Haven to court over an alleged breach of contract. He filed the preliminary paperwork as of June 7.

Purdell alleges that the Winter Haven City Commission terminated an agreement to sell property to Purdell under false pretences. He suggests the city never intended to do requisite refurbishments of the property prior to sale, leading to a delay that prompted further issues they later used to justify terminating the contract. This series of events is the basis for the fraud claim.

In addition to breach of contract and fraud, Purdell says he will be pursuing Winter Haven for wrongful termination, among other claims. Winter Haven has questioned why it has taken Purdell so long to file the paperwork. Purdell has responded that he has tried to avoid filing, hoping an amicable agreement could be reached out of court.

When such large assets are in play in a case of breach of contract, it is vital for the complainant to be fully aware of his or her rights and responsibilities when filing such a suit. It can be helpful to ensure all paperwork is filed in a timely manner and is completed correctly according to Florida legal standards to avoid costly delays in the court process. It can also be useful to keep records of all business dealings in order to back up a claim of breach of contract.

Source:, “Financier Files Intent to Sue Haven Over Complex,” Ryan E. Little, June 7, 2013


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