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Breach of contract suit filed by Florida-based film company

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2013 | Business Litigation |

A lawsuit has been filed by a prominent film company in an out-of-state Supreme Court over the distribution of two films. Florida-based Tristan Leostar Films has contended a breach of contract against several entertainment groups for what they say was a failure to deliver on promised work. The company alleges the companies and their affiliates did not provide accounting for or properly release two recent film properties.

According to the lawsuit, a deal was struck in 2008 for a film to be distributed, with a second distribution deal being signed in 2009. The suit clarifies that the original company with whom the deals were struck was sold. The deals remained intact and were passed on to the purchasing company.

Tristan Leostar has alleged breach of contract on three key points. First, they allege the company failed to promote or distribute the two films as agreed upon. Second, they allege a refusal to pay owing amounts to Tristan Leostar. Finally, they allege a failure to account for monies brought in domestically and elsewhere for the film’s releases, as well as any sales from home video. The company is seeking damages to the tune of $500,000.

Breach of contract is a very serious charge to be filed against a company, both here in Florida and elsewhere in the nation. It can have a damning effect on a company’s reputation and result in considerable financial consequences. However, responsible capitalism, not to mention the law, dictates that contracts must be followed to the letter in order to be considered fulfilled.

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