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Broadcast company accuses media giant of breach of contract

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2013 | Business Litigation |

A bitter showdown between two media moguls has spawned a major court case, according to business sources. Florida residents are familiar with Time Warner, the major cable company, which is facing a breach of contract suit filed by the Sinclair Broadcast Group over a dispute regarding cable line ups. The suit is currently being handled in an out-of-state business court.

According to the allegations set forth by Sinclair, a 2007 contract called for the Sinclair-owned WNYS television station to be placed in the same channel neighborhood as major outlets like FOX, ABC and other broadcasters by Time Warner. These major broadcasters can all be found within the 100 channel range. Sinclair alleges that Time Warner broke their contract by placing WNYS at channel 1225. Sinclair filed suit against Time Warner on June 19.

Representation for Sinclair also alleges that Time Warner has the same plan set up to take effect for several other Sinclair-owned stations operating under the MyTV banner. Time Warner has not officially responded to these allegations and has been unable to be reached for comment. Representatives for Sinclair have also declined to comment on the specifics of the suit — it is unknown what damages are being sought by the broadcast company.

Florida residents understand the importance of a contract, whether to huge corporations like Time Warner or between small business owners. A breach of contract represents a failure to live up to agreed-upon responsibilities, and should be dealt with accordingly. It can be helpful for someone filing a breach of contract suit to be fully aware of their own rights and responsibilities under state and federal business laws.

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