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Contract dispute leads South Florida company to court

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2013 | Contract Disputes |

An ongoing dispute between the Major League Baseball organization and the clinic accused of providing its players with performance-enhancing drugs has been a topic of news for some time. The South Florida clinic Biogenesis has come under fire for allegedly causing a contract dispute between the League and the Player’s Association regarding the specifics of “doping” as outlined in the contracts. Most recently, a Miami Dade judge denied a motion to dismiss the case against Biogenesis, pushing the case forward.

The move on the part of the Florida justice means the MLB can force material witnesses to testify in favor of the allegations that Biogenesis has provided performance-enhancing drugs to athletes for many years. Some of those called to the bar have expressed disapproval with the process. Some, including a pitching coach accused of acting as an intermediary for the clinic, has stated that third parties should not become involved in what is essentially an internal dispute between the MLB and the Player’s Association.

Attorneys for both sides have consistently argued applicable case law throughout the proceedings. In general, the cases cited have suggested that the MLB case is not in the realm of state court authority because it constitutes a labor dispute more than a contract dispute in the strictest sense. The case is still being debated in Florida court as of this writing.

A contract dispute, while deceptively simple on the surface, can have far-reaching consequences for those involved. Florida business owners facing contract issues are urged to seek out additional support before attempting to remedy such a dispute themselves. An impartial third party can be hugely beneficial in solving such an issue before it becomes bigger than both parties are prepared to handle.

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