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Contract dispute at Florida university comes to an end

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2013 | Contract Disputes |

Faculty and university representatives have left the negotiation table with a satisfactory agreement in place, according to local business sources. After some tensions on the union front, the University of North Florida managed to come to an agreement regarding a new contract for faculty, ending a contract dispute that has been ongoing for some time. While some of the contract still needs to be negotiated, both sides seem relatively happy with the new agreement.

The final contract was the result of a full day’s worth of negotiation between the president of the university and the director of the professor’s union. The contention had been that university professors were lobbying for a raise, but the amount of that raise was under dispute. The agreement on a 2 percent increase in salary satisfied one-half of the two-part contract.

The other half of the contract will deal with evaluation, grievances and other day-to-day issues facing the governance of a large public university. Those elements of the contract have yet to be finalized, and are still a matter of controversy as the faculty has deemed the existing outlines vague. Additionally, the faculty had lobbied for a higher rate of pay, but are reportedly satisfied with the current agreement.

A contract dispute is never a positive place for a business to be when it comes to its employees or its partners. Florida business owners facing contract dispute scenarios are urged to seek out mediation and support. This can ensure a rapid and efficacious end to the dispute and allow a business to get back to its intended purpose.

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