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Contract dispute between CBS and Time Warner settled

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2013 | Contract Disputes |

A month-long blackout of CBS-produced shows in key markets has ended, according to local business sources. Florida residents may be aware that a contract dispute between the media giant and broadcasting partner Time Warner had led to many shows not being aired in certain areas of the country while the moguls hashed it out in court. But a new broadcasting rights agreement is set to return these markets to their regularly scheduled programming.

The contract dispute has been ongoing since early August, when Time Warner dropped the cable company’s programming after they could not come to a suitable agreement after their earlier contract expired. The thrust of CBS’s issues stemmed from their desire to control the digital rights to their programming, a condition TWC was not willing to meet. However, with Super Bowl Sunday looming, both sides wished to reach an amicable solution rather than risk losing revenue.

Of course, this amicability was brought about mostly due to the potential for loss, as prior to the deadline, both sides engaged in active and involved press campaigns targeting one another. However, an agreement has apparently been reached and regular programming has resumed. CBS officials have not made clear the specifics of the new contract, but they have said they are in a “better place” than they were at the beginning of negotiations.

A contract dispute can be an extremely complicated matter to solve, depending on the complexity of the contracts in question. When national conglomerates are involved, the complexity reaches stellar heights. Even back down here on earth, however, business owners in Florida are urged to seek support in dealing with any contract dispute that may arise in the course of their professional dealings.

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