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Contracting company sued for breach of contract

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2013 | Contract Disputes |

Contracts represent the backbone of capitalist society — they are agreements into which consumers enter with those tasked with completing jobs for them, and they are upheld by business law. Therefore, as many Florida residents know, a breach of contract charge is a very serious allegation to levy against a business. This is the case for AB Contracting, who are currently fighting a breach of contract suit filed by a couple who retained their services in May of 2011.

According to court documents filed in August of this year, the couple hired the company to build their home in May 2011. This agreement included the design and construction of the home which was to be completed in a timely manner, free of structural defects. According to the homeowner, the company failed to meet these expectations in accordance with the stated contract.

The suit states the homeowners were put out a considerable amount of money as a result of devaluation of their home, repairs, loss of use, property damage and a host of other issues. AB Contracting has not responded in an official capacity to these charges as of this writing. The plaintiffs are seeking compensation of an undisclosed amount, thought they have asked for pre- and post-judgment interest to be included in that amount. The case is being overseen currently.

If an individual or company hires another individual or company to do an agreed-upon job which has been acknowledged in a legal way, as with a contract, the contracted entity is bound by law to honor that agreement. In this case, if a court finds AB Contracting responsible for the ails the family has faced, they will be required to pay out an agreed-upon amount in damages. Florida residents who feel a breach of contract has occurred are urged to seek advice on the next step to take in seeking similar remunerations.

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