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Florida school district sued for breach of contract

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2013 | Contract Disputes |

An out-of-state supplier of kitchen equipment is suing Clay County School Board for allegedly failing to meet the terms of a contracted agreement made over a year ago, according to local business news. The Florida county stands accused of reneging on agreed-upon payments for over $100,000 in kitchen equipment for a local high school. The school board has not been reached for comment in this breach of contract case.

According to the suit, in November of last year, a school board representative provided Mobile Fixture with a purchase order approving the purchase of cafeteria equipment whose value totalled $129,449 as part of a plan to remodel a high school cafeteria. Mobile Fixture then purchased these materials as per the understanding. Mobile Fixture was then to begin the remodeling project.

In March of this year, the school board abruptly notified the company it was cancelling the project. The Board allegedly did not accept the products purchased by Mobile Fixture, and refused to pay the outstanding invoices associated with the purchase. Mobile Fixture is now seeking damages to the tune of $75,000 excluding legal fees and interest.

It is vital to the survival of the American economy that contracts signed in good faith are followed to the letter and that outstanding debts are discharged efficiently. It appears as though the Florida school board in question here may be held accountable to honor the agreement made with Mobile Fixture in this breach of contract suit. The representatives of Mobile Fixture were right to learn more about their legal options when the stipulations of their contract were apparently not met.

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