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Famed singer Paulina Rubio in court for breach of contract

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2013 | Contract Disputes |

A well-known Latin singer is in hot water, both with a South American city and a Miami-based entertainment company, after failing to appear for a scheduled performance in Colombia, according to local entertainment news. Paulina Rubio is being sued both by several arts associations in Tunja as well as Florid-based Miami Entertainment CMC. These entities have accused Ms. Rubino of breach of contract after her no-show in Nov. 2010.

According to several Mexican journalistic sources, the government of Tunja has joined forces with Miami Entertainment to file the breach of contract suit against Ms. Rubino in Miami. The argument stems from a misunderstanding over the specifics of the singer’s travel arrangements to and from Colombia. The singer contends that she arranged a plane for her transport but did not arrive at the scheduled venues because she was not allowed to land in Tunja.

The Tunjan government and Miami Entertainment have shot back that she was made well aware of the limitations of the area — Tunja does not maintain an airstrip. The understanding, according to them, is that the singer would land elsewhere and be driven into Tunja, but she never arrived. Should the Florida court overseeing the suit rule against her, Ms. Rubino may be on the hook for the better part of $1 million in legal fees and interest on lost concert earnings.

While mistakes sometimes happen, most Florida business owners will attest that a contract is a contract and must be upheld regardless of extenuating circumstances. A breach of contract in this case, should it be found to be so, has apparently led not only to lost revenue, but also to damaging the reputation of both the entertainment company and the venues in Tunja who failed to make good on their promise to fans of Ms. Rubino that she would appear. Breaching a contract can have far-reaching implications if the allegations are established in court..

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