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Breach of contract suit filed against construction company

On Behalf of | May 14, 2014 | Contract Disputes |

A man who claims that his home was never built is suing the company he says he hired to do the job. The breach of contract suit was filed in a local court against Fresh Start Homes, LLC, after the plaintiff attested that construction stopped partway through completion despite his initial investment. Florida homeowners know how much money can get tied up in building a home, and if the case is settled in favor of the plaintiff, it is hoped that financial investment will be reimbursed.

The plaintiff alleges that he entered an agreement with Fresh Start to build a home he had intended for resale. He agreed to provide upwards of $80,000 towards the building of the home, which began on schedule last year. However, by July of 2013, the defendants had ceased construction on the home despite the defendant sinking $75,000 into the property. This meant that the man was unable to sell the home for the expected price, losing him money on his investment.

The plaintiff filed a breach of contract suit on April 22 in a county district court, seeking complete accounting, return of funds with interest and full compensation for court and attorney fees. In lieu of interest, he is willing to allow the defendants to complete construction of the home. The case is entering court soon.

A breach of contract can have far-reaching effects for those who entered the contract in good faith. In this case, Florida residents will understand the plaintiff’s frustrations given the amount of money he invested in the venture. The court will examine the details of the case and determine whether he is entitled to have his investment refunded.

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