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Company faces breach of contract suit

On Behalf of | May 5, 2014 | Contract Disputes |

A lessee believed to be behind on its rent is in hot water after being hit with a lawsuit, according to news reports. Haas Environmental, which the landlord says had defaulted on several rent payments in another state, is being sued for breach of contract. Florida residents are usually aware of how important adhering to contracts can be, so it should come as no surprise that this case is being treated with all due seriousness.

According to the complaint paperwork filed April 14, Haas Environmental moved into the property in dispute in May 2010 and signed a contract stipulating a set rental rate. They paid this rate, the landlord says, all the way up until July 2012, even though the contract said they were responsible for rent up to May 2013. The landlord is attesting the company owes him roughly 22 months of back rent.

Additionally, the landlord says, he has had to expend considerable amounts of money maintaining and upkeeping the property. These expenses should have been covered by the lessee, according to the contract. As a result of the purported infractions, the landlord is seeking over $60,000 in damages from Haas Environmental, plus the costs incurred in filing the suit in court.

Breach of contract means more than not fulfilling an agreed-upon task — it means breaking and devaluing one’s good word. Florida business owners usually know how important reputation can be in any business. They often recognize the damage that can be done to a reputation if a breach of contract suit is filed. Adhering to a contract is a very important part of establishing the legitimacy of a company on the public stage.

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