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Installation company sued for breach of contract

On Behalf of | May 20, 2014 | Business Litigation |

A company accused of failing to adhere to the specifics of a contract is in court, according to local business news. Resort Installation Systems, a company specializing in material installation, is being sued for breach of contract by Triad Retail Construction, Inc. after the latter accused the former of failing to live up to its contractual obligations. Florida business owners will recognize the seriousness of such a claim, which will be overseen by a local county court.

The specifics of the contract were not made clear by the time this report was issued, but the general consensus seems to be that Resort Installation Systems was subcontracted by Triad Retail to provide material for hand railings on two separate projects overseen by Triad. Triad has complained that RIS has failed to perform adequately in the case of both projects. This has led to a loss of productivity and subsequently a loss of money on the part of Triad.

Triad is suing for damages suffered as a result of this alleged breach. The full amount of the damages being sought have not been made public as of this writing. The case was set to go to court on May 5, and so far no decision has been announced.

Companies who feel a contracted secondary party have failed to live up to their obligations are entitled to file for breach of contract both here in Florida and elsewhere throughout the nation. This sets into motion an investigation into the specifics of the contract and a review of the accused party’s conduct as it pertains to those obligations. If a court determines the accused party to be in breach, that party may be required to provide financial restitution to the complainant.

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