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Tech firm accused of breach of contract

On Behalf of | May 1, 2014 | Contract Disputes |

An apartment development project is on hold after two companies butted heads over an alleged contract, according to local business news. Florida business owners know how challenging contract negotiations can become, especially where breach of contract is involved. The case is currently being overseen by a court in the state where the complaint was filed.

The complaint states the plaintiff, Scott Hutchinson Enterprises, entered into an agreement with H&T Technical Development. The agreement allegedly states the latter was to provide engineering assistance to the plaintiff in the development of the aforementioned apartment project. This agreement was allegedly signed earlier in the year, well prior to the filing of the complaint on April 10.

The plaintiff accuses the defendant of breach of contract and unworkmanlike behavior during the course of the agreement. These behaviors are said to have manifested in repeated delays and other mistakes, which reportedly crippled the project in its nascent stages. The plaintiff is seeking damages of an unspecified amount, and is currently being represented in court. So far, no verdict has been reached in the case.

Florida residents will likely agree that a contract is designed to ensure that both parties live up to their end of the bargain as far as getting the work done is concerned. In this particular case, H&T Technical Development was allegedly beholden to provide the services they contractually agreed to provide, and that the described behavior — if proved true — could constitute a breach of contract. If this is documented in court, H&T may be forced to pay restitution to Scott Hutchinson Enterprises.

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