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Actress Evan Rachel Wood faces breach of contract suit

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2014 | Contract Disputes |

A Golden Globe-nominated actress is taking heat for allegedly walking out on a contracted acting agreement, according to local news. Noted actress Evan Rachel Wood, best-known by Florida residents for her role in the critically acclaimed film “The Wrestler,” is facing a breach of contract suit after she allegedly failed to meet professional obligations associated with the filming of a new motion picture entitled “10 Things I Hate About Life.” Ms. Wood’s representation has vehemently denied these claims, and the case is being overseen in a court out on the West Coast.

According to the complaint, Ms. Wood was allegedly paid $300,000 in advance for the lead role in the upcoming film, which has since been scratched from production. The producers associated with 10 Films LLC assert that Ms. Wood changed her mind about the role during principal photography and walked out on the project. However, representation for Ms. Wood has a different story to tell.

The defense indicates the production, in fact, ran out of money in Feb. 2013, and producers were unable to meet their obligations to Ms. Wood to retain her on the project. Despite these setbacks, Ms. Wood apparently agreed to return to the production in November of the same year, provided the project’s financial difficulties had been remedied. According to her representation, these issues were not addressed, leaving the production company — and not Ms. Wood — in breach of contract.

Hollywood is a complicated place, as many Florida residents are well aware. A breach of contract on a major film production is a very serious business, as it can cost the individuals involved as well as studios, investors and a host of other interests a great deal of money. In this case, it will be up to a California court to determine whether Ms. Wood or 10 Films is culpable for the breakdown of the contract, and the party deemed responsible will likely face financial repercussions.

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