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Breach of contract suit filed against laundromat owners

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2014 | Contract Disputes |

The owners of the “Wash Happening Laundromat” are facing serious accusations in civil court, according to local sources. The owners of the laundromat are being sued for breach of contract by a man who says he was slated to buy the business from them, but the offer was rescinded inappropriately. Florida business owners understand how serious these allegations can be, both in terms of the reputation of a business and in terms of the finances involved.

The paperwork filed in association with this case contends that the plaintiff entered into a conditional agreement with the defendants to purchase the Wash Happening location on Jan. 5 of this year. He also apparently provided them with a check for $7,000 as a down payment on the property. This check was cashed three days later with no further commentary from the defendants.

However, shortly thereafter, the man discovered the leasing terms for the laundromat had not been approved, negating the deal in its entirety. He sent two letters in January, asking for his deposit back, as was his apparent legal right. The defendants reportedly did not respond to these requests and did not return the funds, so the man filed a breach of contract suit in a local court. He is suing for $14,000, representing the original amount paid and punitive damages.

When business owners enter a signed agreement, no matter how conditional, it is the responsibility of both parties to honor the terms of that agreement. Florida business owners know that to commit a breach of contract calls the integrity of the individual into question and can cause serious financial issues further down the line. If the court rules in favor of the plaintiff, it will be because it was determined the owners of the laundromat did not, in fact, honor their business agreement.

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