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Famed band Duran Duran sues for breach of contract

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2014 | Business Litigation |

Best known for hits like “Hungry Like The Wolf,” 80’s sensation Duran Duran is now in the dubious position of suing its own fan club. Florida fans may be interested to know that the Duran Duran fan club is being sued by the band for alleged breach of contract. This unusual lawsuit is being overseen in a court local to Worldwide Fan Clubs, Inc.

According to paperwork filed in a county court during the week of July 23, the club entered into an arrangement with the band back in 2010, detailing the club’s ability to sell merchandise and collect memberships from fans wishing to be part of the experience. This agreement apparently also stipulated that the band would receive 75 percent of all gross profits. The band has alleged that the fan club has not paid out these profits, though whether the amount outstanding is in part or in whole of this amount was not detailed in this report.

Representatives for Worldwide Fan Clubs, Inc. said the company had no official statement to make regarding the allegations. The band’s representation is seeking an undisclosed amount. The case is currently being overseen.

When two parties enter into an agreement wherein money is set to change hands, it is important for that agreement to be legally binding. That way, as Florida business owners are keenly aware, if one or the other party fails to live up to its obligations as outlined in the agreement, legal recourse can be taken. Breach of contract is taken very seriously in American courts, and the fallout of losing such a suit can be financially expensive.

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