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Breach of contract suit filed by technology company Oracle Corp.

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2014 | Contract Disputes |

When a contract dispute takes place, sometimes legal action is inevitable in Florida. In one recent out-of-state case involving an alleged breach of contract, one technology company has filed a lawsuit over the medical insurance exchange in the state. The company, called Oracle Corp., claimed that the state government was using Oracle’s software in spite of disputed bills totaling more than $20 million.

Oracle said that the state had constantly promised to compensate the technology business but hadn’t done so. Oracle’s suit was filed in a federal court. The company is pursuing unspecified damages.

The state’s health insurance enrollment website never did launch. State government officials blamed Oracle for this, but Oracle said the state’s poor management was responsible for the website’s failure to launch. The state’s government has mentioned the need to sue the technology company and recover a portion of the more than $130 million it already gave to Oracle. The state had decided earlier in 2014 to quit creating the Oracle website and instead switch to the enrollment website funded by the federal government.

When a business contract is formed, the two parties are obligated to act in accordance with the contract terms they have reached an agreement on. If either party doesn’t honor the binding agreement and offers no legitimate and legal reason for doing this, a contract dispute can quickly ensue. It helps to understand relevant laws so that a person who is allegedly hurt in a breach of contract situation can seek justice in Florida.

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