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Dog breeder accused of breach of contract

A civil complaint filed against a dog breeder has been ruled upon, according to sources local to the court. A county district judge has ruled against the breeder in the breach of contract suit, which pertained to an agreement with a possible buyer. Florida business owners know how important it is for businesses to honor their agreements with one another and with their clients to avoid these sorts of issues.

According to paperwork filed by the complainant, an agreement was reached between him and the owner of the breeding business, involving stud services for pick of the litter, obviously provided by a male dog. The breeding took place on May 10 at the home of the breeder, who is said to have sold the dogs at a profit. However, he did not pay for the cost of the puppy, nor did he provide pick of the litter.

The complainant had initially sought $1,429 in restitution from the breeder, but the court ruled that he would receive a total of only $770. The court said that $659 of this amount was for the civil judgment, with the other $111 to cover court costs. The matter has been settled according to the court.

It is never a good thing for a company to fail to make good on its contracts, as Florida residents will agree. A breach of contract suit is about more than just the financial implications of the ruling — it is about the way a business is judged in the larger community. Businesses known to breach contracts are not often in business very long.

Source:, “Judge: Dog breeder breached contract“, Karen Blackledge, Aug. 20, 2014

Source:, “Judge: Dog breeder breached contract“, Karen Blackledge, Aug. 20, 2014


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