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Employee sued for breach of contract

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2014 | Contract Disputes |

A global commodities trader has sued a former employee, according to local news. Florida residents may be aware of Cargill Inc., which is in the process of suing a man who used to work for the company. He has been accused of stealing trade secrets, which would render him in breach of contract. The federal case is currently being overseen by a U.S. District Court .

According to the filing by the plaintiff, the former employee quit without notice on Aug. 1 of this year. For some reason, which is not adequately explained in the report listed here, company officials had reason to believe the timing of this resignation was suspect. Therefore, an investigation into the man’s actions before leaving the company was launched.

His laptop computer, which was the property of Cargill Inc., was seized, and a forensic analysis was undertaken. According to the outcome of this analysis, Cargill representatives say, the man was conducting corporate espionage. They believe the man stole trade secrets from the meat-packing giant before leaving and joining up with rival company JBS. Additional details on the evidence surrounding this claim were not available, and it is unclear what resolution Cargill Inc. is seeking in this case.

An allegation of stealing trade secrets constitutes more than just a breach of contract — it can permanently damage the professional reputation of whoever is accused. Florida residents understand how serious this accusation is, which is why a more thorough investigation will be required in order to determine whether the man is guilty of the actions he is accused of. Regardless, the suit will be overseen by a federal court in Colorado and hopefully brought to a satisfying conclusion once competent and relevant evidence has been presented.

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