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Paris Hilton sued for breach of contract; court dismisses case

A confidential settlement has been reached between a notorious heiress and the shoe company that says she walked out of a contract, according to national sources. Paris Hilton, the controversial socialite and heiress to the Hilton family fortune, was accused of breach of contract by Antebi Footwear Group back in May of this year, but Florida residents may be interested to know that the suit has been summarily dismissed. This dismissal comes at the end of several months of suits and counter suits going back and forth between the two camps.

According to court reports, the first shot was filed by Hilton, who accused Antebi of holding out some $2 million in endorsement payments she felt was owed to her. Antebi filed a counter-suit, stating that Hilton had breached the exclusivity provisions of the licensing agreement she had signed with Antebi. These provisions required Hilton to maintain an exclusive relationship with Antebi, which the company says she violated by releasing her own line of shoes through a competing brand.

The details of the agreement have not been made public, but since the date of this report, Antebi has apparently dropped its suit against Hilton, and she has dropped hers against them. The total payout has also remained confidential. It is unclear whether Hilton will continue to release her shoe line moving forward. 

While this particular breach of contract case has been settled out-of-court, it is a valuable lesson for Florida business owners. Even the richest and most influential individuals are held to a standard of ethics in business and will be called out on the carpet to take responsibility for their actions. Paris Hilton may be able to settle out of court, but other businesses may not be so fortunate.

Source:, “Court Dismisses Shoe Company’s $2 Million Breach Of Contract Lawsuit Against Paris Hilton”, , Sept. 12, 2014


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