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Town marshal files for breach of contract

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2014 | Contract Disputes |

The former marshal and one of his former deputies are taking their town to court, according to business news sources. The two former law enforcement officers have filed breach of contract suits against the town in which they were employed, a concept that might surprise Florida residents. While it is easy to forget that public servants are still functionally business people, cases like this re-emphasize that point.

The suit, which was filed by representation for both individuals the week of September 19, names as defendants the entirety of the town’s board of trustees. They have accused the trustees of breach of contract and have also suggested that violations to the state whistleblower’s act may have been committed. Representation for the board of trustees was tight-lipped on the subject, but they have insinuated that several closed-door meetings have been taking place to determine next steps in dealing with this issue.

The two plaintiffs are seeking two times’ back pay with interest, front pay, compensation for special damages to be articulated in court, not to mention costs and fees incurred during the trial process. The total amount of this number for each  individual is unknown, but it is expected to be relatively high. So far, no official court date has been made public.

Breach of contract is a concept that transcends field of business. In fact, Florida business owners may agree that it represents a moral or ethical dilemma that can plague any business that encounters it. It is a cornerstone of American capitalism that contracts must be honored by both parties, else the words become worth no more than the paper they’re written on.

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