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Breach of contract suit filed against Frances Fisher

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2014 | Contract Disputes |

A noted actress best known for her work on the blockbuster film “Titanic” and television’s hit “Resurrection” has been hit with a lawsuit. Actress Frances Fisher, known to Florida fans as Lucille Langston on “Resurrection,” faces a breach of contract lawsuit after her former managers say she owes them money. The issue is currently being handled in a civil court. 

According to the complaint, Fisher terminated her three-year relationship with Sanders Armstrong Caserta Management but did not pay out the “minimum” owed amount of over $60,000 pursuant to her contract.  The company says it was not fully compensated for its services during this time period.  In addition, a 10 percent commission apparently agreed upon was also not paid. 

The company is seeking damages to be determined at trial, as well as retroactive payments of the 10 percent commission.  This commission is intended to be applied to all Ms. Fisher’s earnings moving forward.  There has been no comment from the Fisher camp during this time, but the issue is currently being overseen in court. 

A breach of contract suit in Hollywood can carry tremendous weight and influence the ability of an actress like Ms. Fisher to secure additional work. Florida residents understand how important honoring agreements of this sort can be, even simply in terms of reputation in a virtual old boy’s club like Tinsel Town. It is hoped that this matter can be resolved in a professional manner to limit any amount of bad blood generated and allow the parties to move forward with their own business interests.  

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