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Retired football player Johnny Knox accused of breach of contract

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2014 | Contract Disputes |

Those who follow football in Florida know that football players make the headlines for various reasons. Sometimes the press is positive and includes information about players who help with a charity or participate in a game-winning play. Unfortunately, professional athletes also receive a significant amount of bad press for criminal charges and poor sportsmanship. One former wide receiver, Johnny Knox, is receiving media attention after accusations of breach of contract have arisen.

The events began in 2011. Knox suffered a severe back injury during a game that ultimately led to his announcement in 2013 that he would not attempt to return to the sport of football. This decision led him to seek disability and retirement benefits from the NFL. His initial request, in which he represented himself, was denied.

However, VDP Enterprises claims it agreed to help him with his claims. If successful, the company argues, it was to receive approximately two months’ worth of Knox’s retirement benefits. The NFL eventually reversed its decision and awarded him almost $21,000 a month. VDP claims it still has not received the approximately $42,000 it is owed.

In its recent lawsuit, the company is requesting payment for the money it says it is owed, in addition to interest and other expenses. Those in Florida who have been victims of a breach of contract are likely well aware of the potential consequences of a broken contract. By taking civil action, a person or company may be awarded monetary damages and could also help prevent the same thing from happening to others in the future.

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