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Taylor Swift sued for breach of contract

It is easy for people to forget that celebrities are beholden to the same rules of business and law as common people, but sometimes it is clearly illustrated. Florida residents are likely familiar with country music star Taylor Swift, who is currently under fire for allegedly walking out on a contract involving rented vehicles. The chauffeur company responsible for overseeing those rentals is suing for breach of contract in a court local to the company.

According to the complaint, Swift’s representation broke a contract with APG Security, the chauffeur company contracted to shuttle Swift and her entourage around town. Swift’s management says the company did not honor agreements regarding how and when the singer could be spoken to by APG employees. APG responded by saying that steps had been taken to meet these criteria, and the company had leased two additional SUVs for Swift’s use.

The leases cost APG approximately $2,000 a month for each vehicle, a cost Firefly Entertainment allegedly promised to pay back. However, in July of this year, Firefly cut ties with APG on a permanent basis and refused to pay for the leases, saying they are under no obligation to do so. APG is suing for unspecified damages in a local court.

Obviously, the onus for honoring this contract is not on Taylor Swift herself. Her management company made the deal and therefore will be the parties held responsible in the breach of contract suit. However, Florida residents may be interested to know that even the glamorous world of celebrity culture is still regulated by the rules of business across the nation.

Source: New York Daily News, “New York City chauffeur company sues Taylor Swift for breach of contract over unpaid car rentals“, Oren Yaniv, Sept. 30, 2014


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