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Breach of contract suit filed against former footballer

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2014 | Contract Disputes |

A former wide receiver for a prominent NFL team is facing a potentially costly lawsuit after it was alleged that he failed to pay his representation for securing his retirement and disability benefits. Florida football fans may be familiar with Johnny Knox, the former player who is being sued for breach of contract. The suit was filed on October 27 in a court local to Knox and his representative and is still being considered at this time. 

Knox ended his NFL career in 2011 following a serious injury that took him out of the game entirely by 2013. Initially, he represented himself in a petition for benefits from the league, but his claim was rejected. However, once he retained the services of VDP Enterprises — the claimant — the league agreed to review his case and ultimately reversed its decision.

The NFL now pays Knox some $20,000 per month in disability and retirement benefits. Knox allegedly agreed to pay VDP a total of two months’ worth of his disability pay, totaling just over $41,000. VDP is filing the breach of contract suit because they claim Knox has failed to provide this payment to them. They are also seeking reimbursement for interest and other associated costs. 

More information will be required before the court can rule on this breach of contract suit. If it can be proved that Knox failed to live up to his side of the bargain, he could be on the hook for no small amount of money. Florida business owners recognize how important it is to honor contracts in order to avoid these types of messy entanglements.

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