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Cross-border business dispute in Florida

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2014 | Business Litigation |

An interesting case has arisen locally, having to do with the complicated issue of inheritance. An issue arising from an inheritance dispute is essentially a business dispute in itself, because of the legalities involved in ensuring that inheritance and trust reach the right hand. The case here in Florida has to do with a mother and daughter who disagree on how and where their money is being spent. 

According to court reports, a wealthy industrialist passed away and left a significant inheritance to his wife. He also set up several trusts for his daughter, who is a landed immigrant but non-resident here in Florida. Apparently, the mother managed to convince her daughter to sign over ownership of two residences here under the auspices of providing for the grandchildren. She was also accused of having stolen hundreds of millions from the daughter’s trusts, for which retaliatory suits were filed in several locations in Europe. 

As a response to these suits, the mother has sued her daughter for civil theft, after the daughter apparently used funds from the business to finance her own welfare by purchasing furnishings for an out-of-country residence. At the moment, representation for the daughter has stayed the case of the two Florida residences until the European cases regarding the inheritance money have been concluded. It is believed that the outcome of those cases will play a role in the outcome of the stateside case as well.

A business dispute of any type can be complicated, but this is even more true when those involved are also family members. Here in Florida there is a great deal of support available for individuals or businesses that must handle such a dispute. In general, seeking out this sort of support can go a long way toward closing these cases quickly and effectively.

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