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Alleged breach of contract leads to $60K suit

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2015 | Business Litigation |

A cement company is suing a construction company for allegedly failing to make good on a previously agreed-upon business arrangement. Florida contractors will recognize a breach of contract claim of this type as being relatively common in certain industries. In this case, the suit could be worth an estimated $60,000.

The complainant has stated in filed paperwork that the construction company allegedly received a large shipment of cement, which they had agreed to pay for in a timely manner. However, they say, the payment never arrived. The defending company now stands accused of using that material to profit in their own field. The total payment that ostensibly was not received was valued at $60,477.06. 

The cement company is now taking the construction company to task for the total amount of the unpaid bill, in addition to late and attorney fees associated with the breach of contract filing. This complaint was filed as of Nov. 3, 2014 and is now being overseen in a business court local to both parties. So far, no decision has been reached, but both businesses have retained counsel. 

Breach of contract suits are worth more than the money they seek to recompense. Florida business owners understand the kind of toll such a suit can take on a business’ reputation, as failing to honor signed contracts is not indicative of good business practice. In this case, should the court rule in favor of the cement company, the construction company will be required to repay the amount they failed to pay initially, as well as the requested costs that have been added to the total.

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