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Breach of contract suit filed by shoring company after no payment

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2015 | Contract Disputes |

In a perfect world, business contracts would always be honored. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and, all too often, parties fail to adhere to the terms of a contract. When a party fails to meet demands outlined in a contract, it results in a breach of contract, which allows the other party or parties to file a lawsuit. A breach of contract claim has been filed in another state that may interest Florida business owners who are suffering from similar situations.

A large shoring company says that it had a written contract with one of its clients. The contract stated that the shoring company would evaluate repairs completed by another contractor. The company says that it fulfilled the promises that were outlined in the contract. Unfortunately, company representatives claim that they never received payment.

Because the client never paid the shoring company, the company is now pursuing a breach of contract lawsuit against the client. The company says that it is owed over $14,000 for the work that it performed. The company is also requesting to be reimbursed for at least $500 of its court fees.

When one party breaches a contract by non-payment, the other party often first attempts to recover payment without taking legal action. Unfortunately, this attempt often fails, and the business owner who has not been paid for completed work must seek payment through legal channels. Florida business owners who are victims of a breach of contract may also seek payment via a legal action by filing a complaint with a Florida civil court. 

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