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Noted disc jockey Big Boy sued for breach of contract

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2015 | Contract Disputes |

A communications conglomerate is suing one of its most visible personalities for allegedly violating the terms of his employment agreement, according to business news. Florida radio fans might be familiar with the disc jockey Big Boy, who is reportedly being sued for breach of contract for allegedly walking out on his employers earlier in the month. The popular on-air personality took to social media to indirectly respond to the allegations, which will be overseen by a business court local to the parent company.

Big Boy has apparently been contracted by Emmis Communications, the company that owns the radio station he works for, to provide on-air services for some $1.45 million. However, the personality was reportedly approached by rival iHeartMedia, who apparently offered him over double his current salary, a contract worth $3.5 million. Emmis has purported that Big Boy’s contract stipulates the parent company is to be afforded 60 days to match any competing offer he received.

However, the DJ apparently did not afford Emmis the opportunity to respond before leaving his post and joining iHeart. The company has said it was prepared to match the rival’s offer, but Big Boy did not honor that part of his contract. They are now suing him for a reported $5 million in damages, as well as injunctions to block him from leaving Emmis’ employ.

Contracts in the entertainment industry can be as complicated as they are lucrative, as some Florida residents may be aware. In this case, a breach of contract suit may be justified. If the court determines that Big Boy violated his contract, he could be required to pay Emmis out the amount they have demanded.

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