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WWE head threatening breach of contract suit against wrestler

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2015 | Contract Disputes |

Vince McMahon, known the world over as the head of the famous WWE franchise, is targeting one of his wrestlers with a potential lawsuit, sports insiders have alleged. Florida fans are likely familiar with wrestler Brock Lesnar, who may be facing a breach of contract suit filed by McMahon sometime later this year. The suit involves rumblings in the organization that Lesnar may be thinking about leaving the franchise’s employ. 

According to rumors circulating the WWE camp as of this writing, Lesnar’s contract with WWE expires sometime after its upcoming WrestleMania XXXI event. The hope in McMahon’s office is apparently that Lesnar, noted Heavyweight Champion, will stay on past the end of that contract. However, it appears as though several unpublicized personal and business disputes between the chairman and his hand-picked champion may make such a decision unlikely. 

In fact, it has been rumored that Lesnar may forgo his appearance at WrestleMania, which would indeed put him in breach of his current contract with the entertainment mogul. If this turns out to be the case in real life, and not just as a “part of the show” so common to WWE, he could be held culpable for breaching his contract. In this case, McMahon would have every right to sue. 

Florida fans know WWE to be over-the-top in its publicized (and often fictional) rows between personalities. However, a contract is a contract even in the entertainment industry. If McMahon pursues a breach of contract suit in the wake of Lesnar failing to make a contracted appearance, it will be dealt with by a real court of law, and the outcome will be just as true to life. 

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