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Litigation likely to result from construction worker shortage

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2015 | Construction Litigation |

When something goes wrong for Miami residents, it can cause a chain reaction that results in a host of other problems. Business owners involved in the construction industry certainly know this to be true, as a relatively minor setback can quickly derail an entire construction project.

Unfortunately, these setbacks may increase in the near future in one area, as Florida is seeing a shortage of construction workers at the moment. Industry leaders called the worker shortage the biggest challenge faced by the entire industry, as the small number of workers may have a major impact on large construction projects across the state.

The shortage is blamed on a few factors, including job losses during the recession that have yet to be replaced by enough individuals ready and willing to return to work. Others blamed the mindset among millennials, who are not attracted to the industry in the same way as previous generations, which is causing a greater shortage as older workers retire.

Whatever the cause of the shortage, the problems are very real for construction businesses. Higher prices may result because of the labor issues, as well as longer build out times on retail and commercial projects. These issues likely will lead to an increase in construction litigation, as companies may become embroiled in disputes with others when projects do not go according to schedule or as initially planned. Accordingly, businesses in the industry should be prepared in the event their projects are derailed, and they should have a solid grasp on their legal rights in order to protect themselves and get the legal relief they need.

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