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On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2016 | Contract Disputes |

Miami business owners are used to making important decisions on a frequent basis. In order to determine what course of action is best for the company, officials need to be informed about the situation as much as possible, including the background of the matter and the possible outcomes that could happen in response to different actions. Officials also need to have a good handle on what is in the best interests of the company, which entails considerations like the financial costs of the decision, the strategic goals of the company and related issues.

In many respects, business litigation requires a lot of the same considerations. Businesses involved in a breach of contract action, for example, need to understand the ins and outs of the contract dispute, including the facts and circumstances behind the dispute and the manner in which a court is likely to rule on the matter.

Last week, this blog discussed some of these strategic considerations in light of a lawsuit based on an alleged breach of a licensing agreement. The court in that case denied the party’s motion to dismiss the case, and the parties ultimately settled the matter instead of proceeding with litigation.

Our firm has worked closely with our clients to put in place a strategy for success. We have often become involved before a legal case is commenced, and we have helped our clients decide whether to pursue the matter in litigation or attempt to reach a settlement with the other party. Once litigation starts, we have advocated vigorously to protect our clients’ best interests, whether that be through motions filed with the court, settlement negotiations or taking a case to trial. Ultimately, we have helped our clients make the best decisions possible under the circumstances in order to pursue the legal relief they deserve.