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Drafting, enforcing contracts vital to a business’ success

On Behalf of | May 31, 2016 | Contract Disputes |

Many Miami businesses take great care to protect their interests when dealing with others. For example, a new business relationship can bring about more success for both sides, but the terms of the relationship should be understood by all involved at the outset.

This often means having a contract drafted to lay out the terms of the relationship. Whether the business is purchasing or selling real or personal property, striking a deal on the terms of an ongoing relationship or entering into some other transaction, the contract can be vital to success or failure.

If certain terms are essential to the deal, they should be included in the contract with enough specificity and clarity that they will be understood by everyone. Likewise, businesses should have provisions in place to protect themselves in the event of any disputes, such as provisions governing how the contract itself should be interpreted.

Recently, this blog discussed the damages that may be available when there has been a breach of contract in Florida. The type of damages available frequently turns on the particular contract involved. For instance, different damages may apply when there is a breach of contract to purchase property, as opposed to a breach of a sales contract.

We have represented clients in many different kinds of contract disputes. By working closely with our clients, we have examined the contracts at issue and the law that governed the dispute. We have then put in place a strategy to enforce the contract, whether that means proceeding to litigation or resolving the dispute informally. For more information on the rights of businesses in contract disputes, please visit our contract webpage.