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Complex construction dispute involved in large Miami project

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2016 | Construction Litigation |

In Miami, construction is big business. When there are large projects planned, that means there will be a great deal of money at stake. In some cases, these projects are planned and financed, either privately or jointly with the city and state itself. Naturally, this will create a great deal of competition and, in some instances, disagreements as to the direction of the project.

Those who are in the construction industry and are bidding on these massive deals need to have the protection of an experienced legal firm in the event that there is a complex construction dispute. In addition, an experienced legal firm can help with negotiations with the developer and other small and large aspects to working in the construction industry.

A $100 million expansion and redevelopment project is currently under scrutiny because of the team the City Manager selected for the lease and contract to redesign two marinas.

With this project, there were numerous grand plans, including a storage garage for a robotic boat, wet slips and a restaurant complex. It was planned to be brought to the city voters in the coming months. However, two bidders who pursued development of the project were crying foul over the developer that was selected. The one that was picked had a role in a sewage spill in the year 2000 that led to a lawsuit and the need to close that area.

Another problem is that the monitoring entity made a recommendation that the plan to expand the project should be rejected by the city commission. The proposed expansion is said to be in violation of a master plan that was vetted by the community.

They were informed that it is too late in the process to make these changes. The director of the city’s real estate director apparently considered examining the project and making changes, but the protests that were made were dismissed. The director looked at later drafts of the project and decided to allow the controversial bidder to be selected. This will be considered as the protests are heard.

The construction industry is often confronted with these difficult legal issues. Whether it is a company that is seeking to have a contract bid reconsidered or has been accused of misdeeds in their dealings, having legal advice is one of the most important factors when working in this business. Having the assistance of a legal professional experienced with the ins and outs of construction litigation can mean the difference between having a successful project or not.

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