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What is your strategy for resolving high stakes litigation?

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2016 | Business Litigation |

The stakes can be high when Miami businesses become involved in a corporate dispute. In the matter of days, what may seem like a relatively small dispute can quickly escalate into major litigation, with hundreds of thousands of dollars or more on the line.

This course of action can take place in many different kinds of disputes. For example, businesses may discover that another company is misappropriating their trade secrets or engaging in unfair competition. These situations commonly arise when officers, directors or other employees change companies and take information along with them that they should not.

In other cases, those same officers or directors may be engaging in a breach of fiduciary duty. Of course, disputes can also be as simple as different companies having different interpretations of the same contract they entered into together.

Recently, this blog discussed how businesses may have methods in place to obtain relief in a lawsuit even before final judgment is entered. When a company may be irreparably harmed by ongoing action, the company may be able to obtain injunctions that prevent or mandate some action be taken by another. These injunctions or other temporary relief can be vital to protecting the business’s best interests while the litigation proceeds.

Ultimately, the proper course of action in any given lawsuit will depend on the facts and circumstances involved. We work with clients involved in many different kinds of disputes, and we understand how important it is to meet our clients’ needs and advocate for the things that are important to them in the particular dispute at issue. We can then put in place a strategy and advocate vigorously to meet our clients’ goals and obtain success. For more information on our firm’s services, please visit our business litigation webpage.