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Before signing a contract, make sure your business is protected

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2016 | Commercial Real Estate |

When Miami residents have a goal in mind, the ultimate objective may be fairly straightforward and simple. But the process of achieving that goal can be anything but simple, as there may be numerous hurdles and obstacles that have to be overcome along the way.

For example, a business may have a goal to acquire a certain piece of commercial real estate. The property at issue might be part of furthering a broader strategy for the company. And yet, there can be many issues that arise when trying to purchase the real estate, including title issues, conflicts in drafting a purchase agreement and other obstacles that arise during the contract negotiation process.

Last week, for instance, this blog discussed how different kinds of deeds have different legal consequences. A warranty deed may trigger certain covenants on the part of the seller, which can put that party on the hook in defending the title against claims from third parties.

These issues can arise in contracts of all different types, not just deeds. Other purchase agreements, or other general contracts negotiated by the business, each come with certain issues that could pose huge problems in the future if proper care is not taken at the time the agreement is negotiated and signed.

Our firm has helped numerous clients work through these challenges in order to accomplish their objectives. When commercial real estate issues are at stake, we help our clients navigate through the process of drafting a purchase agreement and identifying the title issues that can pose problems. We also advocate vigorously for our clients when drafting the purchase agreement, as we do with drafting any contract, no matter what particular subject area is involved. For more information on our firm’s services, please visit our webpage discussing commercial real estate litigation.