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What types of construction defects could harm a project or home?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2016 | Construction Litigation |

Starting a construction project or home renovation project can be an exciting time for residents in Florida and elsewhere. However, when setbacks occur during a construction project due to delays or wrong materials, this could seriously impact the overall project. While many construction disputes might develop during the actual construction process, others could occur following the completion of the project. This is likely to occur when defects are discovered.

What types of construction defects could harm a project or home? A construction defect is considered a deficiency in the performing or furnishing of the design, planning, construction, supervision, inspection or observation of the construction of a home or building. If there is a failure to construct a building in a reasonably workmanlike manner or the structure fails to perform in reasonable manner, this is considered to be a defect.

Construction defects can commonly occur during a construction project; however, some are very costly to fix once they occur. This includes defects to the structural integrity, such as the concrete, masonry and foundation. Others include expansive soil, mechanical and electrical issues, water intrusion, problems with thermal and moisture protection, defects in doors, windows and glass and issues with finishes.

Defects occurring during a construction project are grouped in four categories. The first is design deficiencies, which usually occur when errors or defects are caused by architects or engineers. The second is material deficiencies. This occurs when inferior building material is used, causing significant problems. The third category is construction deficiencies, which relates to poor quality of workmanship. The last category is subsurface deficiencies, which relate to expansive soil conditions or the lack of a solid foundation.

When a construction defect occurs, this is likely to result in major setback in the entire project or costly fixes once the defects are discovered. Construction litigation might be necessary for those seeking to correct the defects or recover any losses or damages incurred as a result of the defects.

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