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Seeking success when fraud claims are raised in business disputes

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2016 | Business Litigation |

Florida residents often take each other at their word. When someone else tells us something, we tend to believe that person is being honest and truthful in what they are saying. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as others may be misleading in the statements they are making.

In the business world, misleading statements can pose significant problems. While businesses often put their agreements with others in writing, there can still be circumstances in which another business deliberately misleads or is untruthful with others. The other business may be relying on these misstatements, which can lead to a significant increase in costs or lost revenue.

As discussed recently in this blog, misrepresentations can form the basis for a fraud claim, including in business disputes. However, in order to properly bring a fraud claim against another in a lawsuit, certain requirements must be satisfied. For example, fraud claims typically require more specificity in a complaint that commences the lawsuit, and the fraud claims may need to be proven under a higher burden of proof.

Our firm understands how serious allegations of fraud can be in the business community. These types of claims can not only lead to higher damages being imposed in the case, they can also damage a business’s reputation. Accordingly, we work closely with our business clients whenever there are allegations of fraud on either side of the case. In doing so, we uncover the true circumstances of what happened in the case, and we put together a strategy to help our clients find success. For more information on our firm’s ability to help businesses, please visit our business litigation webpage.