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Construction defects at the center of Miami lawsuit

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2016 | Construction Litigation |


Construction is big business in Miami and this is especially true with the luxury market. When there is a property set to be developed, it is necessary for there to be several invaluable pieces in place to ensure that the process goes smoothly. This extends from financing to building to making certain that the construction is up to code. If there is a failure in any of these areas related to a construction project, it is possible that construction litigation will be necessary. Having legal help in defending such a case is a key to these circumstances.

A large project linked to an Argentine developer is being confronted with allegations that the project was not finished and its construction was shoddy. A lawsuit was filed after the apparent flaws were discovered. The purchaser of the condo states that there was a breach of warranty, breach of contract and negligence. The condo was bought for $8.6 million, but the buyer has found the service unsatisfactory. The man was informed in October of 2015 that his condo was complete and the closing was to be in early November. He says the representatives of the company only let him do a walk-through of the property prior to its closing.

When he did the walk-through, the buyer found that the unit was not finished. There were also substantial defects and improper construction. He asked that the closing be postponed. The company acknowledged that there were problems and agreed the speed the completion of repairing them. There were numerous issues with the wood floors, the ceramic, marble and more. According to the buyer, the need to do significant construction made the unit unlivable. He said that the company insisted that the buyer close on the unit in spite of these problems.

When there is a large construction project and buyers are spending large amounts of money, there will sometimes be disagreements. In this case, the buyer of a high-end condo is alleging that the construction project was not completed as agreed upon and he was forced to complete the sale in spite of that. Any contractor will need to protect themselves when they are being accused of construction defects and other allegations. For that, they should make certain to have legal advice from an attorney experienced in the Miami real estate market.

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