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Construction defect lawsuit filed over issues at ballpark

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2017 | Construction Litigation |

Construction projects throughout Florida often have a difference between what the property owner had in mind and what the contractor produced. Sometimes there are flaws and damage. This can lead to a disagreement that can only be settled via construction litigation. This can be problematic for both parties. This is particularly true when there is a contractor who was hired to do a job for a sports entity. Since sports is such a big business throughout the state, it behooves both sides to be satisfied with the work.

According to a recent report, a lawsuit was filed due to allegations that there were cracks and defects in the concrete concourse of the spring training facility of the Baltimore Orioles. Sarasota County filed the case against the contractor alleging that there were repeated issues with the work that was done with both the original project and the flooring resin to repair them. The company denies that it is at fault for the problems and has requested significant documentation about the renovation of the flaws. The project cost $32 million and started in 2010. It was completed in 2011, right before the Orioles began spring training games.

Cracks were found the next year. The flooring resin was installed based on the warranty. However, the issues persisted. By 2013, there was bubbling and cracking in the floor. On this, both sides agree. The warranty was still in effect, so the areas were replaced in January of 2014. The bubbling and cracking happened again and in different locations. Repairs were made for 2015 spring training, but they were temporary. More cracks were found in different areas. Attempts at mediating the case failed and a lawsuit was filed. The company says that it was not the work that was the cause of the flaws and is not responsible for it.

A construction defect is a serious matter. Since sports are important to the economy in Florida and the number of baseball teams that are in Florida for spring training brings tourists and money to the state, it is important that the facilities are in good shape. So too is it important for companies in the construction industry to have a sound reputation when they have worked on a construction project. In complicated cases like this with allegations and assertions going back and forth, it is imperative to have the right information about legal options.

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