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Construction disputes may require qualified attorneys

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2017 | Construction Litigation |


High-end commercial and residential companies and contractors may find themselves in the middle of a construction disputes. Construction litigation can get complicated, particularly when large Miami developers are involved.

The most common construction disputes often involve a breach of construction contract. These disputes typically involve the plans and specifications of the project or the scope of the work. Developers and general contractors may interpret things differently or there may be ambiguous terms in the contract. There may also be disagreements between contractors and sub-contractors with regards to the work to be completed. Architects, engineers and other professionals working on the project can also be accused of professional malpractice for not adhering to the appropriate standards for their profession.

Construction defects, or work that the owner believes does not conform to the agreed upon specifications, are also a common source of conflict. Disputes over construction defects may occur when the project is completed but some part of the construction fails. Many construction disputes also result from work delays or lack of proper payment.

Regardless of the source of the disagreement, construction disputes can be expensive, lengthy and tough to resolve. Fortunately the attorneys at Payton & Associates are experienced with handling all aspects of high-end construction litigation cases. Your attorney will thoroughly review your contract and determine what conditions were violated by the other party. If there are significant violations, you may be entitled to a significant amount of damages.

You may save your company time and money by hiring a qualified attorney to manage your case. For more information on how Payton & Associates can assist you with your construction dispute, please visit our construction litigation page.