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Issues related to construction defects plague Miami condo

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2017 | Construction Litigation |

Given the amount of construction that is done in Miami, it is inevitable that there will be issues in certain cases. If the matter cannot be settled through discussion with the developer, those who are concerned about a construction defect need to understand their rights to have the matter addressed through construction litigation. This is true whether it is a commercial or residential project. Making certain that all the builders and their contractors are held accountable is key for safety and livability.

According to a recent report, a large condominium building in Miami is inundated with lawsuits related to construction defects. The condo association has filed a lawsuit against more than two dozen firms that have worked on this particular project. They make various allegations, including negligence and breach of contract. Defects were found in 2015 after the condo association sought assistance from an engineering company to determine whether the building adhered to state building codes. The firm discovered that there were flaws in the design and deficiencies in the structure. Windows leaked, there was cracked concrete on the exterior, stucco was corroded, there were sloping issues negatively affecting drainage and more than two-thirds of the post-tension cables in the building were not watertight. The cables support concrete slabs making this a dangerous issue.

The condo association is seeking to have the issues repaired by the firms or to pay to have them fixed. Multiple defendants have been named, including the design firm, engineers, the construction company and contractors. The prices for the apartments range from $190,000 to purchase a studio and close to $3 million for a three-bedroom apartment. The company has had problems in the past due to defects and workmanship that was not sufficient.

When people are paying a significant amount of money to live in a condominium, they are expecting the structure to be safe and the workmanship to be of high quality. When there are problems with a project, the residents and the condo association has the right to hold the construction company to account for mistakes or intentional cutting of corners. It is unfortunate that this is relatively frequent in the construction industry.

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