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Understanding how to respond to construction disputes

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2017 | Construction Litigation |

Construction disputes can interfere with the completion of a project and can be costly for the parties involved. In addition, construction disputes can quickly become complex and can involve commercial property owners; residential property owners; industrial property owners; developers; and contractors. Construction disputes can also quickly become costly and can cause significant project delays.

A variety of legal claims can be part of construction litigation. Legal claims may include breach of contract; breach of construction contract; construction defects; contractor or subcontractor disputes; work delays; mechanic’s liens; failure or refusal to pay and other payment problems; and professional malpractice related to the services of architects, engineers and surveyors. Depending on the desired outcome and goals for the project, different legal options related to contract enforcement or negotiations may be the preferred solution.

Because construction disputes involve many working parts, including a variety of parties, oftentimes technical concerns and significant resources and expenses are typically tied up in a construction project, it is important to be familiar with how to respond to a construction dispute and how to resolve a construction dispute. At the heart of many construction disputes are contracts and contract breaches which is why a thorough understanding of contract law can be helpful.

Knowing how to address contract and other construction-related litigation concerns is important for property owners, developers and contractors. It is useful for them to understand how to protect their interests and how the legal process provides them with resources to do so when a construction dispute arises.